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C Programming

The content of the courses and program at The Tech Destiny are specially designed by the IIT & Stanford alumni, instant one-on-one doubt resolution, practical learning with over 100 problems, and 10 projects in each course are some of the unique features of this online learning platform which makes it different from others

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Get the freedom to choose what, where and when to start your learning journey

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Now its time to get equip yourself with the lessons, mentored, by The Tech Destiny Mentors

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Topics will be Covered In this Course

  • Welcome to class 
  • Overview 
  • Installing required software
  • Creating and running your first.C Program
  • (Challenge) Writing a C program that displays Hello World
  • (Demonstration) Writing a C program that displays Hello World 
  • Structure of a C Program
  • Comments
  • The preprocessor
  • The #include statement
  • Displaying Output
  • Reading input from the termina
  • Overview
  • Basic Data Types
  • Enums and Chars
  • Format Specifiers
  • Command line arguments
  • (Challenge) Print the Area of a Triangle
  • (Demonstration) Print the Area of a Triangle 
  • (Challenge) Create and use an enum type
  • (Demonstration) Create and use an enum type
  • user-defined and standard library functions, function prototypes in C, function calling– call by value and call by reference, and various others. 
  • several other crucial topics such as storage class, recursion, etc. to understand the functions in C effectively.
  • Concepts like Pointers, Structures, Unions, and many more. 
  • Moreover, structures, unions, enums, etc. are types of user-defined data types having their own functionalities and specifications. 
  • How to declare and Initialize Pointers, about Double Pointer, how to define Structure & Union, and other related concepts. 
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation is the process of allocating memory manually during run-time. 
  • Memory Allocation in C using malloc(), calloc(), free() and realloc(). 
  • Several other appropriate data structures such as Stack, Queue, etc. 
  • Understanding of File Management & Preprocessors in C. File Handling in C concerns various operations such as creation, opening, reading, writing, moving to a specific location, and closing a file.
  • Functions used for performing these operations, etc. 
  • C Preprocessor, which is used automatically to transform your program before actual compilation. It will also help you to understand the architecture of C programming. 

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C Programming

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    The Tech Destiny is a new-age e-learning platform that focuses on benefitting the students with not only theoretical but practical knowledge as well. We offer online boot camps that can provide undergraduates and graduates, looking to advance their careers, with hands-on experience in the current industry requirements. Our students work on real-time projects with their mentors and gain insights into the current demand of recruiters’ needs, additionally, this helps them add weight to their resumes. But only working on projects is not enough, so we push them a step ahead.

    Our training programs are curated and led by industry experts with more than 1O years of experience in their field. Working with professionals with a load of experience on their backs allows the aspirants to have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. This Bootcamp focuses on imparting not only key technical skills and knowledge, but also gaining an understanding of the work environment through internships. So when you step foot into the industry, you are already packed with all the required skills and enough experience.

    Would you like to take part in our program, but aren’t sure that it would be a good fit for you? Our program is tailored in such a way that the Aspirants interested in any domain irrespective of their backgrounds, such as recent graduates, freshers, students, technology professionals, and non-technical professionals, are welcome to enroll in this program. We begin with strengthening your fundamentals and gradually take you through the Necessary modules and provide you with 24/7 help to finally turn you into a Master of your field.

    This Bootcamp is a life-changing experience in itself as we can make you job-ready within 2 months of taking up the program, and not only that, we ensure our students land their dream job with our connection with 4O+ MNCs and placement assistance. So no matter where are you in your life, we will help you reach your destiny and make a fortune out of it.

    Apart from Industrial training and Internationally valid certification, you get the opportunity to try your hands in a real-time work environment with an internship provided in the third month with placement assistance so you are ready to set your foot into the industry and land your dream job. You get trained by top mentors from the industry with a decade of experience on their back and our soft skills professionals help you ace any interview by leaving the nervousness outside the door and bringing out your best self.

    There is an alarming 48% unemployment rate among engineers, a 93% unemployment rate for MBAs, and a 35% unemployment rate for graduates (with multiple degrees). This is not due to a lack of knowledge, but rather to a lack of exposure and experience. In addition to being outdated, Indian curriculums do not provide much practical information. Instead of teaching students, Tech Destiny aims to prepare them to be job-ready, with all the prerequisites for employment. We ensure that after our program, our students meet the professional standards required by top recruiters across the globe. We start with the fundamentals of the subject matter, so aspirants can gain a solid grounding in their field of choice regardless of their background.

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