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Hybrid Electric Vehicles

History of electric Vehicles Development towards 21st Century Types of electric Vehicles in use today - battery Electric Vehicles Hybrid (ICE & Others ) Fuel Cell EV Solar Powered Vehicles Various forces Acting on the vehicles in statics and dynamic conditions.

Social and environmental importance of hybrid and electric vehicles, impact of modern drive- trains on energy supplies. Hybrid Electric Drive-trains: Basic Concept of hybrid Drive- train topologies, power flow control in hybrid drive train topologies fuel efficiency analysis 


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Topics will be Covered In this Course

Types of Storage System

  • Introduction to energy Storage Requirements Hybrid and Electric Vehicles 
  • Battery Based energy storage and its analysis  
  • Fuel cell based energy storage and its analysis 
  • Super Capacitor based energy storage and its analysis 
  • Flywheel based energy storage and its analysis 
  • Hybridization of different energy storage devices 
  • Sizing the drive system Matching the electric machine and the internal combustion engine (ICE)
  • Sizing the propulsion motor 
  • Sizing the power electronics 
  • Selecting the energy storage technology 
  • Calculation for the ratings. 
  • Introduction to energy management strategies used in hybrid and electric vehicles 
  • Classification of different energy management strategies 
  • Comparison of different energy management strategies.
  • Implementations issue of energy management strategies.
  • Introduction of various charging techniques and schematics of charging stations. 

Modelling of Hybrid Electronic Vehicles Range

  • Driving Cycles Types of Driving Cycles 
  • Range modelling for the battery Electric vehicles 
  • Hybrid (ICE & Others)
  • Fuel Cell EV
  • Solar Powered Vehicles.
  • Case Study of  2 Wheeler,3 Wheeler 4 Wheeler vehicles 

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Hybrid Electrical Vehicles

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