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Business Writing and Speaking Program

This course is suitable for people who have started on their journey to learn the English language. This is the sixen beginner-level course in our Beginner English' series and builds on its five predecessors. We use images, exercises, audio and video examples to guide you through the process of learning this otherwise complex language. Sign up today to take the next step towards becoming proficient in English.

What this Program offers

Get the freedom to choose what, where and when to start your learning journey

You will now be able to finish your targets on your own learning pace

Now its time to get equip yourself with the lessons, mentored, by The Tech Destiny Mentors

Your hard work and dedication will be awarded by certificates that will be recognized by The Tech Destiny

Topics will be Covered In this Course

  • Introduction 
  • Basic grammar for business writing
  • Fixing common word choice errors
  • Verb tense
  • Common grammar and word choice mistakes to avoid
  • Writing email to co-workers or managers. Elite email writing to impress!
  • Writing a cold email pitch.
  • Email writing to potential clients. etiquette communication skills
  • Writing a business letter-communication skill
  • How to write a business report – advanced communication skill
  • How to write a business proposal – advanced communication skills
  • Writing for managers
  • Practice activity to sharpen your communication skills in difficult situations
  • Additional attention to detail in your email and overall communication
  • Instant messaging etiquette communication skills
  • How to Introduce Yourself Intro
  • What NOT to Do
  • How to Introduce Yourself The Right Way
  • How to Introduce Yourself Video Rehearsal
  • Friend Feedback
  • How to Introduce Yourself Conclusion

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Business Writing and Speaking Program

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